What's            New?

New film available for viewing!

Senior year impact reel- my latest and greatest animated oddities, with accordion music by yours truly. 

Returned triumphant from ECA, ready to wind up my senior year. Working on my trippy thesis project (more info to come). 

New illustrations available for viewing!

Getting back to work on my graphic novel, Breaking Point, a gritty story following Hank, a wronged Vietnam vet, and his fellow downtrodden friends, and Hank's plan to rob the bank that laid him off.  I've decided to take the traditional pen and ink approach over the digital. It looks better in this case, and is much more fun to work on.

Working on my illustrated young adult fantasy novella, the Blessed Curse, a post-medieval tale of a young girl who gets caught up in a conflict between magic-using refugees and the government persecuting them.