My greatest artistic love is and always has been storytelling. Different stories require different mediums to best convey their message, but animation and illustration grabbed my attention from the start. Even as a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I would wake up early to get to work on a pile of drawings or make rudimentary clay animations with a video camera and some plasticine.
      Since then, my love for narrative has only grown. During my high school years at the Beacon School in Manhattan, I wrote and illustrated many short comics, as well as a graphic novel, Heart of Clay, all of which I independently published and sold. I also earned second place in the 2013 B'nai B'rith Diverse Minds Youth Writing Challenge, for my children's book, Foond and the Tree People.
      I studied animation at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, and have more stories than I know what to do with. During the spring of 2017 I studied abroad in Scotland at the Edinburgh College of Art, where I was able to explore some of the sweet goodness that Europe has to offer.
    I found my second great love, teaching, when I started assisting in art classes at the summer camps I used to attend. These opportunities exposed me to the joy of exchanging creative energies, and inspired me to dive further into teaching down the line.
   When I’m not doing art, I enjoy reading, playing accordion, practicing Aikido, and hoping that this all works out.

Photo courtesy of Sophia Brown